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HomeChoice @ Daventry

HomeChoice @ Daventry was introduced in 2010. HomeChoice allows applicants more choice over where they would like to live. Instead of being allocated a property by Daventry District Council, you will be able to register an interest in a property that suits your requirements. Firstly you will need to register with Homechoice @ Daventry by completing an application form.


Registered Providers (Housing Associations) allow us to advertise properties that are due to be available, these are advertised on a weekly cycle. Advertising cycles begin on a Wednesday at 00:01am and close the following Tuesday 23:59pm. Please note that your bid is worth the same whether you bid on the first or last day of the cycle.

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An information booklet will be sent to each applicant that has registered, this details what properties you are able to bid for, how to place a bid, and other useful information. You will also receive a letter with your login details, we ask you to keep this information in a safe place as you will need the information to place bids.


Visit  www.homechoice-link.org.uk to browse properties and register your interest once you have completed your registration.

Please Do Not visit the advertised properties as they may still be occupied, and this may cause distress to the current tenants. Thank you.


Important notice: The Localism Act 2011 made a number of changes to the way in which social housing can be allocated. Due to this Daventry District Council adopted a new policy (February 2013) following consultation period. The policy outlines restrictions on who should be considered for housing in the socially rented sector, this allows those in genuine need to be considered.



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