About Daventry Housing Register

Daventry's  scheme allows applicants more choice over where they would like to live. The IT system changed on 18 May 2022. Applicants on the Daventry housing register prior to this date were asked to reapply to join our new system. 

Instead of being allocated a property in the Daventry geographical area by West Northamptonshire Council, housing register applicants are able to register an interest in a property that suits your requirements, subject to eligibility. Firstly you will need to  apply to join the housing register

Once you have completed the application, the website will ask you to upload documents relevant to your circumstances. Please ensure you are uploading the correct documents against each title. 

If anyone in your household has any medical need then please complete a medical self-assessment form for each person. This is a paper form that can either be collected from the Daventry office or you can contact customer services on 0300 126 7000 to request one to be sent to you. Please ensure you sign the form before returning the paper copy to the Daventry office for assessment.

Due to a high volume of applications to the Daventry housing register, they may take longer than the 10 working days to process. Customers will be sent a letter as soon as their application is live. This will detail the properties you are able to bid for, how to place a bid, and other useful information. We apologise for the inconvenience the processing delay may cause.

Once your application has been assessed and made live, you can browse properties and register interest. Registered Providers (Housing Associations) allow us to advertise their properties that are due to be available. These are advertised on a weekly cycle which begins on a Wednesday at 00:01am and closes the following Tuesday at 23:59pm.

Please do not visit the advertised properties, as they may still be occupied and this could cause distress to the current tenants. Please also be aware that the housing associations request 4 weeks rent in advance when you are offered a property. Thank you. 

Eligibility to join Daventry Housing Register

West Northamptonshire Council's Housing Allocation Scheme describes how the Council prioritises applicants in order to ensure that those in greatest housing need are given the greatest priority. 

The scheme also outlines who is eligible to join the housing register as there are some  restrictions on who should be considered for housing