Housing Needs Surveys

Housing Needs Surveys 

All local authorities have a statutory duty to assess housing need within their area as per the 1985 Housing Act.

Nationally there is a significant shortfall in provision of housing compared with the level of need. Locally the Objectively Assessed Housing Needs Report produced by Cambridge University identifies the level of housing need. This is supplemented by the earlier Strategic Housing Market Assessment which looks at the types of housing that is required.

Although these reports identify the level of housing across the district, we also need to understand the housing need on a more local level.

One of the ways in which we do this is by conducting Housing Surveys, which help identify whether the area needs market housing, affordable housing or both.   

The survey report on its own will not be used as a tool to develop housing, but it could be used as an evidence base to underpin a planning application, should one be submitted. 

Completing our surveys - your data
Please view the Council’s Information Charter and Privacy Policy for more details about how the Council looks after your personal information. Daventry District Council uses Survey Monkey for its Housing Needs Surveys. View Survey Monkey's Privacy Policy

Methodology on assessing local housing need - guidance document (for developers)

The following guidance has been provided to enable developers or those working on behalf of developers to undertake a Housing Needs Survey in line with the approach as per the Settlements and Countryside Local Plan. As the council operates a periodic renewal program, this approach should be discussed with the Council at an early stage in the planning process in order to avoid any duplication.

Methodology for the undertaking of HNAs and accompanying reports

Current surveys

Past and present residents of a number of parishes in the District have been invited to complete a survey about their housing circumstances and needs. 

Letters inviting residents to fill out the survey have been sent out to all households within the parishes listed below. The letters contain a reference number that needs to be entered in order to validate the survey. The survey is also open to anyone that has a close local connection to each parish through work, close family, or historic residence.

Former residents of the listed parishes, households that have more than one occupier with a housing need (therefore wishing to form a different household), or anyone who has misplaced their letter can contact us for a reference number.

Flore Parish Survey

Closing date: 15th March 2021 (at 4pm)

Old Parish Survey

Closing date: 31st March 2021 (at 4pm)

Overstone Parish Survey

Closing date: 22nd March 2021 (at 4pm)


Surveys for the following parishes have now closed. Responses are currently being collected and a report will be published below in due course.