Affordable Housing

Ensuring that people in Daventry District have the housing they need is one of the Council’s key strategic priorities.  

Helping to deliver affordable homes to meet the needs of the growing population is one of the key ways in which the Council seeks to achieve this.

These web pages provide information for anyone interested in promoting affordable housing in the District, this includes developers, landowners, registered providers and parish councils.

For anyone looking for affordable housing to rent or buy, the types set out in the first box below are available. More information can be found by following the links.


Affordable rent 

Although Daventry District Council no longer has its own affordable housing stock, it is responsible for maintaining the housing register (waiting list) and allocating the properties according to its allocations scheme.  

Find out how to register for a rented housing association home on our HomeChoice @ Daventry page

Affordable home ownership 

The government created the Help to Buy scheme to help working people take their first steps onto the housing ladder.

Whether you are looking to get onto the housing ladder or move up it, there are a number of Help to Buy products designed to make buying a home more affordable.  Find out more information about Help to Buy options on our Low Cost Home Ownership page

Please note that not all Help to Buy products are considered to be affordable for planning purposes.

The Council's Affordable Housing Officer works pro-actively with housing Associations, housing developers, the Home and Communities Agency, and local communities to help deliver affordable housing which will meet identified needs.

Housing Need in Daventry District

The affordable housing requirement for the period for the period up to 2029 is set out in the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy  

WNJCS (2014). Further details on how the policies set out in the WNJCS are implemented are set out in the Council’s West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy    

The Council has, in recent years, undertaken  Housing Needs Surveys  at the parish level for the whole of the District in a rolling programme. It now focuses on those parishes where there is known development activity or where the evidence would help to support neighbourhood planning. Some of the surveys undertaken in the rolling programme are now more than three years old and would not be considered current for planning purposes. However they are still held on the website as they provide a starting point for understanding housing need – they would need updating if they are to be used for a planning application or plan making. Recent surveys capture information on housing need of all types, not just affordable housing 

Find out more about Housing Needs Surveys and view a list of the existing reports

Anyone considering development, whether an entirely affordable  scheme, or a market led scheme is encouraged to talk to the Affordable Housing Officer at the earliest opportunity. They will be happy to provide advice and where appropriate an early start on undertaking a needs survey can be made. 

Contact the Affordable Housing Officer on 01327 302535.

Housing development including an element of Affordable Housing 

If you are thinking of developing a housing site within the Daventry District of five homes or more (15 or more in the Northampton Related Development Area-NRDA), you are encouraged to contact the Affordable Housing Officer prior to submitting a planning application to discuss the affordable housing requirements.

Please contact the Affordable Housing Officer on 01327 302535.

The full details of our requirements can be found in the Housing Supplementary Planning Document 2017  and the  West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy  

Rural exception sites 

An exception site is a site outside the village development boundary which would never normally get planning consent but may be considered where it provides affordable homes for local people. The number of dwellings on an exception site is dependent on the housing need and size of the village. Find out more on our Rural Exception Site page

Affordable Housing Policies and Strategies

You can find out more about the Council's affordable housing strategy by downloading our Housing Supplementary Planning Document 2017 and our Affordable Housing Communication and Marketing Strategy