What the Council is doing on climate change

The Council has been working on a number of programmes to reduce carbon emissions in the district and to prepare and adapt to the inevitable effects of climate change and these are outlined further below:

  • Northamptonshire Climate Change Strategy: The Council is working with a number of partners to minimise the effects of climate change and ensure resilience to its inevitable effects; this is being achieved through the 2017-2020 Northamptonshire Climate Change Strategy 


  • Carbon Management Plan: The Council developed a Carbon Management Plan with an aspirational target to achieve a 30% cut in carbon emissions by 2014. A 31% reduction was achieved by the end of the 2016/17 year which meets the overall aim of the Carbon Management Plan. Carbon emissions continue to be monitored through the Greenhouse Gas Report and internal Environmental Goals with opportunities to further reduce emissions being explored on an on-going basis.   


  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions reporting: The Council produces an annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions report detailing emissions created as a result of Council services. Download the 2018/19 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report.


  • Climate Local: Climate Local is an initiative to drive, inspire and support local council action on climate change. The initiative supports councils’ efforts both to reduce carbon emissions and also to improve their resilience to the affects of our changing climate and extreme weather. An annual progress report can be downloaded here.

  • The Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA): The Council's HECA Report outlines how we aim to improve the energy efficiency of residential properties in our area to reduce fuel poverty and achieve reductions in domestic carbon emissions. The most recent HECA review was completed in May 2019 and the next review is due in March 2021.   
  • Investors in the Environment Scheme: The Investors in the Environment Scheme (iiE) is a not for profit environmental accreditation scheme designed to help the business sector save money and reduce impacts on the environment. The Council has achieved the highest iiE 'green' level certification and has developed a progress report to support this. Download the Council's iiE Progress Report.


  • Environmental Policy: The Council's Environmental Policy is updated annually and sets out our key commitments to environmental improvement.