Join in the Big Switch Daventry District

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Big Switch Daventry District is a joint effort between Daventry District Council and iChoosr to use collective purchasing power to secure better energy deals for residents.

Everyone who registers for the Big Switch is entered into a national collective, with energy companies invited to bid for their custom in an auction. 

Because the auction is an opportunity for energy companies to secure thousands of customers in one go, the deals they offer in a bid to win that auction are often better than those advertised to the general public.

The sign-up process is quick and easy, with just an annual bill or indication of annual energy usage required. 

Register for the Big Switch here

How it works:

Step One: Register

Anyone who pays a household energy bill can register for FREE for the scheme. It’s easy to do, but you will need a copy of a recent energy bill or annual statement to complete the process.


Step Two: Sit back and relax

Once registration closes, the Council's switching partner iChoosr will gather everyone's registrations together and invite energy companies to offer their best tariffs in a reverse auction. 


Step Three: make your decision

Following the auction, you will receive a personal offer based on the new tariff secured by the scheme. This will use the information you gave when registering to tell you how much you could save by switching. 

There is no obligation to accept the offer and no fees or charges for the switching service, whether you choose to change providers or not.

If you decide to switch, simply follow the instructions on your offer letter and the rest is done for you, save for any meter readings you may be asked to supply. 

Big Switch auctions - key dates

Winter auction

The most recent auction took place on 12 February 2019 and offers have been sent out to all those who registered. If you registered online you have until 26 March to accept the offer. If you called us to register you have up to 19 March to accept your offer via post.

If you did not register with us this time - don't worry. You can still take advantage of the tariff secured at this auction by registering online here or by giving us a call on 01327 871100.

Spring auction

Registrations for the spring auction round will open on 2 April 2019, the auction will then be held on 21 May.

For more information, including answers to some frequently asked questions, visit the iChoosr website 

Alternatively you can phone us on 01327 871100