Greener living

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Greener living is about doing things that help to minimise our impact on the environment.  With climate change being one of the greatest challenges facing the world today, it is even more important to recognise ways to reduce the carbon emissions we are each responsible for.

Daventry District Council has an ongoing commitment to environmental improvement, and has set a number of goals that focus not only on minimising our own impact on the environment, but also on initiatives which support communities to help them make greener choices.

Spend £75 on real nappies and claim £25 back!

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Daventry District Council is offering money back on purchases of real nappies as an incentive for those looking to reduce waste.

Download the leaflet here for more information where you can also find the form to complete and return along with your receipt.  

Find out how we use any personal data you provide on our  Freedom of Information page.

Action on climate change

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Energy efficiency tips

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Big Switch scheme

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Wildflower project

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Recycling advice

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Electric vehicles

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Daventry District Council is a member of the Investors in the Environment (iiE) scheme, a national environmental accreditation scheme designed to help businesses save money, reduce their impact on the environment, and receive recognition for their green credentials.

The Council is a holder of iiE's Green Award for 2017/18 as well as the iiE Great Green Star, recognising our environmental achievements and initiatives.

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Additional links

Environmental Support for Businesses

Daventry District Council can help signpost local businesses to organisations that can help in achieving environmental improvement initiatives.  

Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area

The Nene Valley NIA covers over 41,000 hectares of the River Nene catchment in Northamptonshire. There are several tributaries of the Nene in the District of Daventry around the eastern edge of Daventry, in an arc between Badby and West Haddon. 

The Northamptonshire Local Nature Partnership

The N-LNP is made up of a number of organisations including local authorities and national and local bodies whose aim is to drive positive change in Northamptonshire’s natural environment.

Cycling in Daventry

To promote healthy lifestyles and reduce local environmental impact, the Council encourages the use of sustainable transport. See the Daventry Cycle Mapfor details of routes in the town centre and the Cycle Guide for more details.