Spotting fraud, bribery or corruption

Instances of fraud, bribery or corruption often come to light because of suspicions triggered by the behaviour of certain individuals. Although it is impossible to give a definitive list of indicators or warning signs, certain factors may suggest the possibility of fraud, bribery and corruption and warrant further investigation:  

Applicants for benefits, housing and grants

- Apparently living beyond their means: driving expensive cars, regularly buying the latest technology, wearing designer clothing

- Secretive or defensive behaviour: a partner not parking their car at the property or not entering / leaving the property by the main doorway or gate 

- Claiming to live at one address but actually living at another

- Different explanations given to different people about circumstances 

Employees and Councillors


- Close, secretive or unusual relationships between employees / Councillors / Contractors

- Reluctance to take leave or unwilling to take promotion

- Secretive or undue defensiveness in relation to their work

- Aggressive or defensive when challenged

- Reluctance to comply with established rules or procedures

- Apparently living beyond their means 


- Inconsistent or excessive expenses claims

- Unjustified disqualification of tendering contractors

- Duplicate payments

- Poor bank and ledger reconciliations

- Accepting inappropriate gifts / hospitality