Action against fraud, bribery and corruption

Daventry District Council is committed to making sure that the opportunity for fraud, bribery and corruption is reduced to the lowest possible risk within existing resources.   To achieve this the Council has put in place a Counter Fraud Strategy which focuses on three core elements:

Prevent: stop fraud, bribery and corruption occurring in the first place

Detect: prompt identification of irregularities that require further investigation

Deter: publicise the punishments for committing offences and the likelihood of being caught.

The strategy contains a Counter Fraud Work Programme which outlines the actions and activities to be undertaken by the Council to counter any internal or external fraudulent activities perpetrated against it.  Significant progress has been made in delivering the Counter Fraud Work Programme and has been reported to the Corporate Governance Committee, as required.


Further fraud data is available in accordance with the Local Transparency Code 2015.  The Code sets out key principles for local authorities in creating greater transparency through the publication of public data.  The government believes that local people are interested in how their authority tackles fraud and have introduced a mandatory requirement in respect of fraud data