Equality Objectives, Performance and Monitoring

Equality objectives and priorities

In response to the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty, we have adopted and published a set of 3 Equality Objectives which will underpin our Corporate Equality Scheme.


Objective 1:  Improved access to services (Corporate Strategic Plan Priority H1)

Priority 1        Improve processes to provide a better understanding of our communities and their needs

The Council has identified a weakness in the quality of information it holds concerning service users and their needs.  The Council is developing a monitoring process which all departments will be able to use as a mechanism to collect information on people accessing our services.

In addition to help identify the needs of those using the services the Council has developed a process of equality analysis for policies, functions and procedures (Equality Impact Assessment) which will help to ensure that what we do meets the needs of our communities.

Engaging with our communities and gathering direct feedback on service and policies is also key to our service delivery and as such the Council is reviewing the mechanisms it uses to consult on services.


Objective 2:  Daventry encourages a safe and healthy lifestyle (Corporate Strategic Plan Priority H2)

Priority 2:       Foster good relations within the District

Partnership working is a key element to progressing the equality, diversity, community cohesion and human rights agenda.  The Council works closely with a number of other agencies, community and voluntary sector groups, as well as the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP).

A key partnership for the Council is the Community Safety Partnership Team, who work with the local community and monitor areas of concern.  They hold awareness days throughout the District focussing on areas such as hate crime.


Objective 3:  Manage performance and customer perception (Corporate Strategic Plan Priority C4)


Priority 3:       Continue to progress as an authority committed to equalities 

Customer feedback is very important to the Council, good or bad.  The Council has a Corporate Complaints and feedback policy which allows the Council to continue to deliver high quality accessible services to its customers.  Information will be gathered from people contacting the Council with a complaint to identify if there are any trends in people experiencing difficulty with our services.In order to provide our customers with the best service possible the Council has developed a programme of equality training (e-learning and consultant led) for all employees.  This enables the opportunity for learning and professional development on the equality duties to ensure they are aware of the Council’s, and their own, responsibilities.

Our elected members also take learning and development seriously and have access to opportunities, to enhance their knowledge of equality and diversity issues.

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