Equalities and Diversity

Daventry District Council recognises and is committed to meeting its duties under equality legislation.  We are committed to improving equality practice throughout the Council and will make adequate resources available to do so.  We will strive to make our services accessible and responsive to all who need them and our employment practices fair and transparent, with a workforce that is reflective of our community.  Achieving these aims will help the Council and its partners to build an inclusive District.

In recognition of our commitment, the Council will


  • Engage with communities and individuals to ensure there is fair access to our services; 

  • Provide services that take account of cultural and social diversity and respect each individual's needs and their right to their own lifestyle choices 

  • Oppose all forms of unfair discrimination or intolerance on the grounds of race, disability, sex, age, religious belief, medical status, social or economic status, marital status, sexual orientation or trade union membership; 

  • Work with our public, voluntary, community, independent and private sector partners to increase the understanding of the impact of diversity in our District so that we can promote and benefit from the strength of a diverse population;

  • Respond to allegations of harassment and victimisation seriously and take positive action to prevent them by supporting services users and staff; 

  • Ensure that our employment policies and practices promote equal access to jobs at all levels of the Council's services so that our workforce reflects the District's diversity;

  • Raise awareness through a well trained workforce committed through shared values to equality and diversity; 

  • Regularly monitor our efforts and seek feedback to enable us to improve our performance

Councillor Liz Griffin                                 Ian Vincent
Member Equalities Champion                  Officer Equalities Champion


We acknowledge that we will be judged by what we do and not by what we say we will do.  It is our intention that the outcomes that stem from this statement will make a real difference to the people of Daventry District.  


Equality objectives, performance and monitoring

Information about the people leading the equality agenda, and how the Council assesses its progress with equality.

General Information

In this section you will find general information on all of the protected characteristics as listed within the Equality Act 2010.

Community safety partnership

Community Safety is about reducing and tackling crime and disorder within the district.

Find out more about the Daventry District and South Northamptonshire Community Safety Partnership.

Policy and legislation

The Equality Act 2010 is now the primary equality legislation.

Find out more about the Council's Corporate Equality Scheme and how the Council intends to meet legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010.