Environmental Services

One of the Council's strategic objectives is to Protect and Enhance the Environment, with aspirations to maintain a clean and tidy environment throughout the District. The quality of the delivery of Environmental Services is important to that achievement. 


In 2011 Daventry District Council, (DDC) joined with Northampton Borough Council (NBC) to form a partnership for the delivery of  Environmental Services across the two authorities, by means of an outsourced contract. The contract was awarded to Enterprise Managed Services Ltd (EMS),  and started on 4 June 2011 for seven years with an optional extension.


The services Enterprise delivers for the councils are


  • Collection of household waste, composting and recycling for all households in the district and borough
  • Commercial waste services
  • Litter picking and street sweeping on all public roads and paths in the district and borough
  • Removal of graffiti in or affecting public areas in the district and borough
  • Clearing fly tipping from public roads and paths and land controlled by DDC and NBC
  • Maintenance of Daventry, Borough Hill and Cracks Hill country parks.
  • Emptying litter, dog and cigarette bins
  • Maintaining play equipment in Daventry town
  • Grass cutting, maintenance of trees, bushes, etc. on highway verges and land owned by DDC and NBC
  • Grass cutting, maintenance of trees, bushes, etc. in the following closed churchyards – Weedon, Byfield, Long Buckby and Daventry.
  • Operating the street markets in Daventry.
  • Maintaining public toilets at New Street, Daventry and at Daventry Country Park.


bin collections

The Council expects

  • EMS to deliver at all times an exceptionally high level of service that should be immediately noticeable to anyone coming into the District or Borough.
  • The standard of services to be maintained consistently throughout the week/year.
  • Continuous improvement to be accomplished in all service areas
  • Provision of a quality and reliable service to all residents and stakeholders.
  • EMS to ensure that their staff understand the importance of providing a high quality local environment, excellent customer service and take pride in the standards achieved.
  • EMS to promote a positive image of the service in the eyes of the residents and stakeholders.
  • Provision of a safe working environment for staff, stakeholders and residents.
  • That services meet the needs of the Councils’ customers and communities
  • EMS promote public understanding of, and engagement with, the services through promotion and education.
  • Respond to and resource the additional service demands as a result of growth.


Find out more about the objectives of the environmental services partnership by reading the service outputs. 


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