Credit Union operating in Daventry District

The Northamptonshire Credit Union offers a simple means of saving for times when people need access to cash and can offer affordable loans at low interest rates. 

It operates information and collection points in Daventry District to allow residents greater access to its services.

Credit Union logo

Opening times and locations

The Hub, in Hawke Road, Southbrook, Daventry, (NN11 4LJ) from 2pm to 4pm each Monday.

Job Centre Plus offices in Lodge Road, Daventry, (NN11 4FP) from 10.30am to 12.30pm each Thursday.

Credit unions are run by volunteer members to keep costs low, are fully backed and regulated by Government, and monies are guaranteed.

The Credit Union can help members plan their budget more effectively and arrange that main creditors such as rent, rates, power and water bills are paid on time. Members who save can access loans at very low interest rates.

Northamptonshire Credit Union is supported by organisations including Daventry District Council, Daventry & District Housing and Daventry Town Council.

Find out more information about the Northamptonshire Credit Union here or phone them direct on 01604 250016.