Disregarded people

Disregarded people

The full Council Tax is payable on a property when it is the residence of two or more occupants aged 18 or over.

When counting the number of adults in a property, some people can be ‘disregarded’ if they meet certain conditions.

You will receive: 

  • A 25% discount on your Council Tax bill if there is only one adult in your property who is not disregarded
  • A 50% discount if everyone in the property is disregarded.


People that can be disregarded include:

  • An apprentice employed to learn a trade, and where the training leads to an accredited qualification. To qualify they must not earn more than £195 gross per week
  • People who are registered at your address, but are on remand or in prison. This does not apply for people who are in prison for non-payment of fines or council tax
  • A student nurse carrying out a course that leads to relevant registration under the Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Act 1979
  • A youth trainee aged 24 or under carrying out training through an approved scheme
  • A permanent resident of a residential care home, nursing home, hospice or hospital
  • A care worker who provides care or support through a charity or similar for at least 24 hours per week. They must live in the place where they provide care or a place provided for this purpose and must not receive more than £44 per week
  • A resident of a homeless hostel or night shelter who does not live not live anywhere else other than places provided for homeless people
  • A member of international headquarters or a defence organisation. This also applies to any dependants
  • A member of a religious community such as a monastery or convent. They must be dependent on the community for material needs and have no personal income or capital
  • A member of visiting forces or another international institution. This also applies to any dependants
  • A non-British spouse or dependant who is prevented from taking paid employment, or claiming benefits, by the terms of their permission to be in the UK
  • Someone lodging with a British citizen who has diplomatic privilege or immunity.



A range of discounts can also be applied for depending on the circumstances of people living in a household:

Child benefit discount: If anyone in your household is 18 or over but still in receipt of child benefit, you can apply for this discount.

School leaver discount: If anyone in your household aged 18 or 19 leaves further education between 1 May and 31 October in any year, you can apply for a school leaver discount. They are disregarded until 1 November in the same year or the date of their 20th birthday

Student discount: If anyone in your household is a full-time student carrying out a qualifying course, you can apply for a student discount.

Carer discount: If anyone in your household is a carer providing at least 35 hours a week of care or support to someone with a disability who also lives in your household, you can apply for a carers' discount, This person cannot be a spouse, partner or a child aged 17 or under and they must receive at least one type of allowance or disablement pension

Mental impairment discount: If anyone in your household is an adult with a severe mental impairment, you can apply for a discount.

You can apply for any of the discounts and disregards listed above using our online application form

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