Attachment of Earnings Order

Once the Magistrates Court has issued a Liability Order for non payment of Council Tax the Council can issue an Attachment of Earnings Order.


This means a legal order is sent to a person’s employer instructing them to take deductions from their wages each time they are paid.


The amount that can be taken is set by the Government and is based on the person’s take home pay. The following table shows how much is taken:



Weekly Earnings 

Monthly Earnings                 

Amount Taken

Up to £75

Up to £300


£75 to £135

£300 to £550


£135 to £185

£550 to £740


£185 to £225

£740 to £900


£225 to £335

£900 to £1,420


£335 to £505

£1,420 to £2,020


Over £505

Over £2,020

17% on the first £505 (weekly) or £2,020 (monthly) then 50% on the rest 



You can be asked to provide information about your employment and income following the granting of the liability order. Failure to supply this information is a criminal offence and the Council may prosecute you in the Magistrates Court. The penalty if you are convicted is a fine of up to £500.00 plus an order to pay the Council’s court costs.