Community Safety

Daventry District and South Northamptonshire Community Safety Partnership

Community Safety is about reducing and tackling crime and disorder within the district. The Daventry District and South Northamptonshire Community Safety Partnership is made up of eight statutory partners who work together to make our communities safer.


They are:



Our non-statutory partners include:


Partnership Performance Report:

We produce a regular performance report showing crime levels in the area and how well we are doing compared to other similar areas across the country. View the latest report.

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Our Priorities:


                                                   Rural Crime

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                                                       Hate Crime


                                              Anti-Social Behaviour

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                                                 Domestic Abuse

Traffic Operation

Colleagues from Police and Fire and Rescue have been involved in two operations around the town and we wished to communicate some of the results of those operations.

The plan was to target the “fatal four” - speeding, seatbelts, mobile phones and drink driving and additional vehicle checks including tyres, tax etc. On one day colleagues were joined by HMRC who checked for illegal use of red diesel.

Day two was utilised for education/awareness unless excessive speed was recorded or other offences detected. Colleagues report that it was well received by all but one that were stopped. Education related to the newly increased fines for using mobiles and how the distraction, combined with excess speed and the consequences of a causation of road death.

Sites were at Ashby Road and Staverton Road

39 drivers stopped for speeding

Speeds between 35 and 46 mph, with 10 drivers driving at 40 or over

7 vans and 32 cars

22 drivers lived locally

No seat belt offences, 2 mobile phone offences.

On the second day officers were at the old petrol station on the A45:

57 vehicles stopped/checked

12 cars seized

1 arrest for drink driving and 16 other offences dealt with: 9 no tax, 3 no insurance and one HMRC offence (driving on red diesel)