Ageing Well Strategy

Ageing Well in Daventry District Strategy

The Council wants Daventry District to be a place where older people are able to live independent, healthy and active lives for as long as possible.

We want our communities to be places where older people are valued and listened to. We want accessible and flexible services for older people that have been developed with the involvement of older people, regardless of disability, ethnicity, gender or any other characteristic.

To help achieve this, Daventry District Council has worked with the Daventry & District Forum (DDF) group for over fifties to produce the Ageing Well in Daventry District Strategy.

The key issues and aims addressed by the Ageing Well Strategy include:

  • Improving access to transport and services
  • Ensuring that people can continue to learn and live healthy, active and interesting lifestyles
  • Helping people to remain independent in their own homes
  • Ensuring safe communities
  • Reducing the impact of social isolation and loneliness
  • Providing an effective information flow of services and benefits through supporting and maintaining DDF
  • Educating, preventing and increasing awareness of all mental health issues and understanding how conditions such as dementia affect people's lives. 

Download the Ageing Well in Daventry District Strategy