Park Improvements

Daventry Country Park improvement plans

Daventry Country Park is undergoing major improvements. £850,000 has been approved for the project to improve the circular paths, building new walkways and jetties, and improve the café area and toilets at our Green Flag Award-winning Park.

Here is an outline of the programme of work:



A replacement pier with improved access will be installed near the Visitor Centre. A new jetty will also be built on the opposite side of Lovell’s Bay, providing a safer spot from which to view wildlife, as well as offering a staging point for water sports.

New playground

COMPLETED APRIL 2019: New equipment has been installed in the play area, including a castle-themed fort with lots of different activities, new swings, some smaller items for toddlers, and a refurbished zip wire. 


Walkways and bridges

COMPLETED SPRING 2020: The Marsh Walkway and bridges along the western edge of the reservoir have been improved and refurbished. 

Visitor Centre, cafe and toilets 

COMPLETED SUMMER 2020: The toilets by the Visitor Centre have been transformed in order to provide seven self-contained, unisex cubicles. 

The Café has been improved and extended, creating a cosy indoor seating area with an internal servery in what was the Visitor Centre - this is expected to open in the autumn. 

Outside, the covered seating area has been improved, the courtyard levelled and paved, windows and doors refurbished and modern shutters installed.  


COMPLETED NOVEMBER 2020: Sections of damaged footpath totalling around 2km in length have been competely restored and resurfaced.

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