The Friends of Daventry Country Park

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Friends of Daventry Country Park

About the Friends

The Friends of Daventry Country Park are a group of volunteers committed to supporting the work of Daventry District Council and the Country Park Rangers in protecting, preserving and promoting our precious Daventry Country Park. The Friends offer a variety of activities to raise awareness of the benefits of Daventry Country Park, attract more visitors and more volunteers.

The aims of the Friends of Daventry Country Park are:

  • To develop a broad spectrum of educational and cultural activities at Daventry Country Park for the whole community, near and far, to enjoy.
  • To promote and support the work of the Rangers in wildlife care and woodland management.
  • To ensure Daventry Country Park is a safe, clean and pleasurable place for visitors of all ages, especially young people and families.
  • To help promote the knowledge of wildlife and nature in general at Daventry Country Park.
  • To promote knowledge of traditional farming methods, rural crafts, rare breed animals, conservation and ecological issues of all types.

If you are interested in Daventry Country Park and would like to become a Friend, please  download a membership form or email


Bird hide - The group worked with local company Victory Engineering on the installation of the bird hide overlooking the reservoir from Lovells Bay. The hide is a converted container which was donated by Hi-Force of Daventry. Funds were successfully received from Daventry District Council, Daventry Town Council, DDH Community Chest fund and Waitrose Community Matters to cover the costs of the project. 

Volunteers from the Friends group came together for work days to prepare a suitable surface ready for the delivery of the finished bird hide and also prepared the foreshore for viewing. Once the hide was delivered on site, the volunteers painted it and constructed a walkway and path to allow access for all. 

Bridge hide - In 2017 Daventry District Council completed the re-build of Bridge hide. The Friends committee are working on a project to build a bird screen at the far end of walkway to complete the project. Plans have been drawn and the project is planned to be completed by the end of 2018. Once this project is completed the group will begin to prepare for more bird hides and screens to be installed around the park. 

Informative walks - Each year the Friends group lead a variety of informative walks at Daventry Country Park and Borough Hill including wildflowers, spring bird watch, winter wildfowl and an annual towpath walk to Braunston. For information on the events and activities please visit our Facebook page (

Support the Friends in the Local Lotto

The Friends of Daventry Country Park are a good cause in the Local Lotto, which was set up to support community projects like us. A ticket for the Local Lotto costs £1 per week and if you to choose to support us when you sign-up, 40p of each ticket you buy will go direct to our group. A further 10p from each ticket goes to other good causes locally, and there are prizes of between £5 and £25,000 to be won each week!

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