Daventry Country Park: Facilities and Information

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General Information

Opening hours

Daventry Country Park is open 365 days a year with facilities open daily (excluding Christmas Day and New Year's Day)        


A £2 parking charge is payable between 8am and 8pm. Please be aware that the pay and display machines at the park are coins only, no notes or cards are accepted. This charge is payable every day of the year (including Bank Holidays) and applies to the main car park as well as the overflow parking areas.

Regular users of Daventry Country Park can buy an annual parking pass. Annual passes run from the month of purchase until 31 March. The annual cost is £72 (the equivalent to £6 per month).

Please note there is a £20 administration charge to change the details on a pass, or to replace a lost pass.

For more information and to apply for an annual parking pass please contact the Council on 0300 126 7000.


The toilet facilities have been upgraded with 5 single units and 2 accessible units with changing tables. The toilets are situated next to the Reservoir Café and Raisborough Centre. They are open from 9am to 5pm during peak season and 9am until 4pm in winter (excluding Christmas day and New Year's Day).

Reservoir Café and Raisborough Centre

The Reservoir Café provides delicious hot and cold food, a variety of hot and cold drinks with a range of light meals and snacks and a large selection of ice creams and sweets. 

Visitors can also buy bags of seed to feed to the resident ducks, geese and swans as well as purchasing maps to have a go at the park's permanent orienteering course.

The Café is open from 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday during the summer months and from 9am-2pm during the winter. Opening hours on Sundays and Bank Holidays are 9am-2pm.

Named in honour of dedicated park volunteer, Ken Raisborough, the Raisborough Centre is housed within the café's new indoor seating area.

Community Orchard

The orchard is planted only with British varieties and many are local to Northamptonshire. This area is dedicated to preserving our local history whilst providing a tranquil place for the community to enjoy. 

Each January the orchard is "Wassailed" (an Anglo-Saxon word meaning good health). This is an ancient tradition, designed to scare bad spirits away from the orchard and to ensure a bountiful harvest for the community's benefit.

Conservation grazing

Sheep sometimes graze in the meadows at the park as part of our ongoing conservation programme. The meadows provide fantastic grazing for the sheep, and allowing them to graze helps to improve the biodiversity of this area.

Please can we ask all dog walkers to ensure that their dogs are on leads and under control while walking near the sheep and in the meadows, and that all park users make sure they shut gates behind them. Find out more advice from the National Sheep Association here

Local Nature Reserve

In 2007, Daventry District Council designated the southern part of the reservoir and the area of land around it and the grit trap as a Local Nature Reserve. 

The southern section of the park is particularly rich in natural resources and presents an opportunity for the maintenance of an area where local people and visitors alike can observe an abundant variety of plants and wildfowl in undisturbed surroundings.

The Local Nature Reserve Committee are a group of appropriate persons wishing to assist the objectives of the LNR Committee.  Download the Park's Management and Development plan

Find out more information about Local Nature Reserves  on the Natural England website

Commemorate by planting a tree or installing a bench

Commemorate a person or event, or celebrate a major milestone in life, through the planting of a tree or having a bench installed at Daventry Country Park or Borough Hill.  Download the information sheet and application form.



We have designated areas in the park where barbecues may be permitted - please consult with the duty ranger on the day for permission and preferred location. Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently not allowing barbecues at the Park.

Metal detecting

Please be advised that Daventry District Council does not permit metal detecting in any council owned public open space.

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