Improving community facilities

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Improving community facilities

Local community groups and organisations are among the partners who are working together to achieve the vision for Daventry Town Centre.

A range of development projects are taking place that will not only improve the community facilities on offer to local people, but also ensure that they complement the need for more retail, leisure, residential, and educational provision.

Daventry District Council has been working with its partners to assemble land to enable the Town Centre Vision developments to be delivered. Part of this work has involved some community groups being relocated to purpose-built new premises.

Daventry Working Men's Club

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Daventry Working Men's Club moved into modern new premises off South Way Daventry as part of the development for the Abbey Retail Park, Site 4A of the Town Centre Vision. 

The retail park was the first regeneration project for the town to be completed when it opened in early 2009.  

The Working Men’s Club was built by the developer of the retail site.

2nd Daventry Scouts headquarters

2nd Daventry scouts headquarters

In 2009 the 2nd Daventry Scouts were relocated from land on Eastern Way to modern new eco-friendly headquarters at Daventry Country Park. 

The new premises includes UK-sourced sustainable timber walls and a living sedum roof. 

This features plants that help provide greater insulation as well as reducing rainwater water run-off. 

It also allows rain water harvesting, where rainwater is collected, stored and used to flush toilets.

Daventry Brass Band Hall

Daventry Brass Band Hall

Daventry District Council built the new band hall in Daneholme Close in 2011 as a home for the Daventry Brass organisation, which relocated from its former home in the Waterloo area of the town centre.  

The new base was built to high environmental standards with a range of innovative and energy efficient features such as high levels of insulation and air sealing, a living sedum roof, air source heat pumps and rainwater harvesting.

Daventry MIND headquarters

New Mind Building opens August 2015

Work to build a new home for Daventry-based charity MIND was completed in summer 2015 as part of regeneration plans for the town centre.

The new building is on a site between Jubilee Road and the back of the old gas works car park in Daventry.

It allowed the mental health charity to relocate from its old premises in North Street, which is part of preparations for the Daventry Town Centre Vision Site 1, the Mulberry Place cinema and restaurants development which is proposed for land north of High Street.