Parking Permits

Daventry District Council issues various parking exemption permits to eligible motorists. If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible for a permit, please get in touch with Parking Services using the contact us link at the bottom of the page.


Permits For Town Centre Residents

Residents of Daventry town centre who have insufficient off-road parking may be eligible for Residents' Exemption Permits. These allow vehicles to park in our short stay car parks beyond the normal time limit.  Residents' Exemption Permits cost:


  • £21 per year for the first vehicle  (subject to certain conditions). 

  • £336 per year for any further vehicles belonging to people at that property.

  • There is a £21 administration charge to change the details on a permit, or to replace a lost permit. 

  • Residents Exemption Permit online application form

Market Square car park is managed by Northamptonshire County Council. To apply for a resident's permit for the Market Square please visit Northamptonshire County Council Website - Parking Permit Page


Permits For Local Businesses

Business Loading Permits allow vehicles that are frequently used to transport goods or customers to remain in a short stay car park beyond the normal time limit.



Permits For Construction Vehicles

Temporary Permits allow vehicles used for construction or similar work to remain in a short stay car park beyond the normal time limit. 

A Temporary Permit costs £21 for a period of 28 consecutive days.



Special Exemption Permit

A Special Exemption Permit allows a vehicle to remain in a short stay car park beyond the normal time limit. It is only available for people engaged in a form of community service which requires quick access to their vehicle - for example, reserve fire fighters. Special Exemption Permits are issued free of charge. 


Skip Permit

A Skip Permit allows a contractor engaged on construction or similar work to place a waste skip within a parking bay on a Council car park. 

The fee for a Skip Permit for up to four weeks is currently £28.


Please Note:  regardless of type of permit you're required to contact us in order to arrange payment and/or collection of your permit .   

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