Parking in Daventry Town Centre

ll public car parks in Daventry town centre offer free parking within the time restrictions displayed on car park signs. Our printable map  shows car park locations, time limits and the location of dedicated bays for blue badge holders. Always read the car park signs carefully after parking.


Parking Regulation

Use and control of Daventry District Council's town centre car parks and an additional car park at Tamar Square are regulated in accordance with the Daventry District Council (Off-Street Parking Places) Order 2018, which is available by clicking here


Short Stay Parking

Short stay car parks owned by Daventry District Council are available with time limits of 4 hours, 3 hours and 30 minutes. Bowen Square car park, which is owned by Colliers International, has a time limit of 1½ hours. Parking regulations within all of these car parks are enforced by Northamptonshire County Council. With the agreement of Daventry District Council, the County Council is now carrying out enforcement for the entire district of Daventry, both on-street and off-street.

4 hour no-return rules apply to all short stay car parks. This means that once you have left a short stay car park, you may not return to that car park - or any other short stay car park - within 4 hours.

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be incurred if you exceed the time limit, return within 4 hours, or break any other car park regulation.


Long Stay Parking

Long stay car parks are marked as 'All Day' on our printable map.


The Welton Road Undercroft Car Park is locked at night. Normal opening hours for this car park are 7:30am - 8:30pm Monday to Thursday and 7:30am - 6:00pm Fridays. The entrance will close at 5:00pm on Fridays but vehicles can leave up until 6:00. All vehicles parked in the car park must exit before closing time.


Removal of Vehicles

Daventry District Council or its agent may remove any vehicle left in a car park in contravention of its Parking Order 2018. The charge for recovering such a vehicle is £180. The Parking Order 2018 may be seen at the Council's Lodge Road offices in Daventry.   


Car Parks Maintenance

The Council maintains a number of town centre car parks and is responsible for routine cleaning and repairing of defects. In winter, the car parks are not routinely cleared of snow and ice, but grit bins are installed near entrances and/or high risk areas.


Defects can be reported to us by using the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page. The following town centre car parks are not maintained by the Council:


  • Bowen Square Car Park -this is privately owned by Proudreed Real Estate Ltd. Defects can be reported to their management company, LCP Management Ltd on 01384 400123. Enforcement of parking controls is undertaken by Smart Parking who can be contacted on 0330 135 9020.    

  • Tesco Car Park - this is privately owned by Tesco. Defects can be reported directly to their store on (01327) 887400.  

  • Abbey Retail Park - this is privately owned and is managed by Savills Property Management. Defects can be reported to Savills Property Management at:


            Savills Property Management

           The Exchange, 19 Newhall Street


            B3 3PJ

            Tel:  0121 2004500


Appealing Against a Parking Ticket

If you think that you should not have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), or there are special reasons why it should be cancelled, you should get in touch with the Parking Services at Northamptonshire County Council. Details of how to appeal against a Penalty Charge Notice can be found on the  Northamptonshire County Council Website - Parking Fine Appeal Page.


Blue Badge Holder?

There are more than 50 town centre parking spaces allocated to Blue Badge holders and our PDF format printable map  provides a location guide. You may park for as long as necessary in any of Daventry District Council's car parks, but you must clearly display your valid Blue Badge and park within a proper parking bay. The rule which allows Blue Badge holders to park on yellow lines on the street does not apply in car parks. Therefore, always park fully in a marked bay.


For further information about Blue Badge eligibility, including how to apply, visit the GOV.UK Website - Blue Badge page or Northamptonshire County Council Website - Applying for a new Blue Badge page.



A motorcycle bay with a secure locking bar is available at Primrose Hill car park.

Additional motorcycle parking is available at Welton Road and Lodge Road Upper car parks where there are four bays with retractable chain points. There are three chain points at Welton Road and one at Lodge Road.

Motorcycles may also use conventional bays, and are not subject to time limits.


Motor Homes and Caravans 

There are currently no facilities within any car park owned or regulated by Daventry District Council for the parking of lorries/HGVs, motor homes, caravans and similar vehicles.   


Parking Permits 

For details on available parking permits please visit our parking permits section


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