Off-Street Parking in Daventry: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Is parking free in Daventry's public car parks?

A.   Parking in any public car park owned or regulated by Daventry District Council is free, provided that you comply with the time and any other regulations that apply to a particular car park. All regulations are stated on the signs erected in each car park.

Parking at the Country Park is charged at a flat rate of £2 per day.

Failure to comply with car park regulations may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). The charge will be reduced by 50% if paid within 14 days of issue. For further details, visit the Northamptonshire County Council Website - Parking Fines Page.  


Q.   Where are the Council's car parks?

A.   Daventry District Council regulates all the public car parks in the town centre area with the exception of those at Tesco, West Court (off New Street), Abbey Retail Park and Market Square. The Council also regulates car parks at Daventry Country Park, Tamar Square and Eastern Way (adjacent to the iCon).

Our printable map shows car park locations, time limits and the locations of dedicated bays for blue badge holders.


Q.   I have a valid Blue Badge. Where can I park and for how long?

A.   If you have a valid Blue Badge you may park in any car park regulated by Daventry District Council, in any bay, and you are exempt from time restrictions. You must, however, abide by all other regulations including the requirement to park fully within a marked bay and you must display your Blue Badge clearly. The civil enforcement officer (CEO) will issue a Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket) if your Badge is not clearly visible when he/she stands to the front of your vehicle. Please refer to the car park signs.

For further information about Blue Badge eligibility, including how to apply, visit the GOV.UK Website - Blue Badge page or Northamptonshire County Council Website - Blue Badge page. 


Q.   I am currently on holiday in the UK and have a valid disabled person’s badge/certificate from my own country. Is it valid in Daventry?    

A.   A ‘disabled person’s badge’ or equivalent is acceptable in Daventry’s public car parks only if it has been issued by a local authority within the United Kingdom or a member state of the European Union. If you are from any other country, please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page, preferably prior to your arrival at Daventry.            


Q.   Do any exemptions apply to motorcycles, mopeds and scooters?

A.   Motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, pedal cycles and the like are all currently exempt from the maximum periods of stay and return periods. However, when parking any of these vehicles it is important that they are positioned sensibly, with due regard to other car park users and within marked bays or designated spaces.


Q.   Are there any facilities within Daventry's car parks for lorries, motor homes and caravans?  

A.   There are currently no facilities within any car park owned or regulated by Daventry District Council for the parking of lorries/HGVs, motor homes, caravans and similar vehicles.


Q.   I work in Daventry town centre and have difficulty finding a parking space close to where I work. Can I apply for a parking permit to allow me to park all day in a short stay car park?

A.   For practical reasons, parking permits cannot be issued for this reason.        


Q.   I notice all the short stay car park signs say “no return to this or any other Group 1 car park within 4 hours”; what does this mean?

A.   This means that once you leave any short stay (Group 1) car park, irrespective of how long you parked there, you may not return to that car park or any other short stay (Group 1) car park for at least 4 hours.   


Q.   I have a business in Daventry Town Centre and regularly need to leave and return to a Council car park to collect or deliver goods. Is there a permit available to prevent me from receiving parking tickets?  

A.   If you have a permanent business in Daventry town centre you may be eligible for a ‘Business Loading Permit’. Please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page and we will carry out an eligibility assessment and advise you of the cost.


Q.   I am a contractor working in Daventry town centre and it is important that I park all day in a short stay car park. Am I exempt from parking regulations?

A.   No, such a vehicle is not automatically exempt from regulations, although you may be eligible for a ‘Temporary Permit’, for which there is a charge. Please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page. 


Q.   I have received a parking ticket but I do not think that it is justified. What can I do?

A.   If you believe that you should not have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), or there are special reasons why it should be cancelled, you should refer to the reverse of the PCN for details on Northamptonshire County Council Website - Parking Appeal Page.              


Q.   How can I pay? 

A.   Please see Northamptonshire County Council Website - Paying Parking Fines Page for advice on how to make payment.


Q.   How does the Council maintain car parks?

A.   All council car parks are routinely swept to control litter. Minor repairs are carried out as and when required. An annual safety inspection is undertaken at every car park to identify defects that are hazardous.

Customers can report potential defects or hazards and an assessment of the matter will be undertaken. Defects are considered in accordance with a national standard and rectified if they exceed predetermined intervention levels. 


Q.   What happens in winter? 

A.   The Council does not routinely clear snow and ice from car parks, as it is not economical to do so. Users are expected to consider the potential hazards of using a snow or ice covered car park as they would when traversing nearby ungritted public highways and take appropriate precautions.


Most car parks are provided with grit bins for self-help at entrances or where there are particularly steep inclines.


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