Street Naming and Numbering

Street Naming and Numbering

Under Section 64 of the Town Improvement Changes Act 1847 and the Public Health Act 1925, it is the Council’s responsibility to allocate house numbers and road names to new developments and conversions. 

Street naming and Numbering (including House name additions or changes is the statutory function of West Northamptonshire Council and is the only genuine route to create or amend an address or street name, no other 3rd party supplier can legally undertake this function). 

Individuals and developers should not allocate their own property numbers or street names. The Council will contact Royal Mail to obtain postcodes. Once an address has been created you will receive confirmation of the full postal address.  This information will then also be issued to statutory bodies which include emergency services.

New Properties and address changes

You will need to complete an application form for the following:

  • Full addresses for single/multiple dwellings, including conversion*
  • Full address for commercial property*
  • Addition/Removal of property name
  • Change of property name


 When submitting please ensure you attach a plan showing the entry of each property.


Street naming and numbering charges



House Name Change (existing property)


Numbering/Naming New Properties

£26.00 per plot

Additional Charge where this involves Naming of a Building (e.g. Block of Flats)


Renaming of an existing street where requested by residents


Additional Charge to House Numbering where this includes naming of a new street (cost per street)


Amending schedule of development already issued following plot change by developer (per plot effected)


General Enquiries


Note: “Street” means each length of road with a different name to another, either before or after the process is carried out.


Please note:

If a property has an officially allocated number, it will not be possible to replace the number with a name.  If the occupier chooses to add a property name the address must still include the allocated property number.

Payment must be submitted at the same time as submitting the application form.  If you require an invoice to be raised please contact us. 

Street Nameplates

For new developments it is the responsibility of the developer to install the street nameplate.  The council will then be responsible for repair and maintenance.  

Street Naming and Numbering applications can be made online using the link below or alternatively by post.


Online Application Form

Printable Application Form


Street Nameplate Specification Sheet

House Building Image