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National Land Information Service (NLIS) is a government initiative which carries the sole mandate of providing electronic official land and property information held by all Local Authorities in England and Wales, as well as other official sources of data, including HMLR, the Coal Authority and water companies.

The NLIS Hub acts as a gateway for conveyancers to access land and property information through one of the NLIS Licensed Channels listed below. The NLIS Hub is regulated by Land Data.

For further information on how to order NLIS searches visit the website www.nlis.org.uk

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has published guidance for the general public on “How to buy a home” and “How to sell a home” more information can be found on www.gov.uk/government/collections/housing-how-to-guides.

What is a local land charge search?

A Local Land Charge search is a very important step towards buying a new home.  A local authority search is normally required in connection with the sale, purchase and/or re mortgaging of any land or property to make sure the purchaser is aware of any charges or responsibilities it may have.

The word 'charge' means any outstanding financial claims, restrictions, decisions or information which may affect a particular property or parcel of land. These include charges for such services as new roads, road improvements, tree preservation orders, conditions imposed on planning permissions, conservation areas, legal agreements and listed buildings.

The local land charges section carries out all official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975, guaranteeing comprehensive replies to the official LLC1 and CON29 enquiries. 


There are two different types of product available to you:

  •   The official Local Authority Search, or
  •   The personal search


Requesting a full local land charge search 

Important - Help us to help you - In order to help us speed up the return of your land search, could you please make sure that your solicitor provides us with the following information as early as possible in the conveyance process:

  • Completed copies of the LLC1 search form & Con 29 form/s to include the correct full postal address

(The Law Society holds the copyright to form Con29, which can be obtained from publishers e.g. Laser Form, Oyez, Shaw  & Son in electronic & paper form)

  • A detailed plan of the property in duplicate.
  • Additional enquiries in duplicate.

Submitting and paying for a search

  • Card - Email your search request to landcharges.ddc@westnorthants.gov.uk  & call our Contact Centre on 0300 126 7000 to make payment by Debit / Credit card.  Your search will not be processed until both search request and payment are received.

  • NLIS - online search requests.  West Northants Council receive and return requests via NLIS channel SearchFlow electronically.  To find out more contact NLIS SearchFlow.

  • Cheque by Royal Mail post send your search request and payment by cheque made payable to West Northants Council to 
           Local Land Charges
           West Northants Council
           Lodge Road
           NN11 4FP 

  • Please ensure you have the correct fee before payment

Response Times 

Our aim is to return a search within 15 working days of receipt of the application and fee.

The volume of searches is outside the Council's control and influenced by a number of factors, including interest rates, the buoyancy of the local housing market and the local economy. Most searches are completed within 10-12 working days.


Local Land Charge Fees 2021 / 2022 (From April 1st 2021)

Your solicitor will arrange payment of the search for you, but for your information, costs from the 1st April 2021 are as follows: 


 Service  Fee (Ex VAT)  VAT 20%  (Inc VAT)

CON29R and LLC1




CON29R only (excluding LLC1)




Additional parcel CON29




Additional parcel LLC1




LLC1 only (excluding CON29)




CON29O excluding questions 4 and 22




Question 4




Question 22

Own worded enquires

Commercial LLC1 and CON29

Commercial CON29 only













A Personal Search Request / EIR


Personal Search

A personal search may be conducted by anyone but in practice these are usually conducted by private companies on behalf of their clients.  Please note we are no longer operating an appointment system for Personal searches.  Personal search requests should be emailed to  landcharges.ddc@westnorthants.gov.uk and must include the address and a plan of the property / land.  They will be processed in order of receipt and we will email the results to you.  Personal Searches are free.

Con29 Required Questions - Individual Requests

The Law Society CON29 forms changed on 4 July 2016.  Due to changes in legislation, individuals can now make requests for Con29 information.  Please click on the following link to obtain the  Con29 Required Questions form 2021/2022 , which you will need to complete and email with your plan to:  landcharges.ddc@westnorthants.gov.uk  

Highways queries/queries (extent of public highway and adopted roads), NCC Tel. 01604 364489 or email LandSearches@kierwsp.co.uk

NCC-Section 38 agreements email  practicemanagement@northamptonshire.gov.uk  or Tel. 01604 367988 


Main Types of Land Charges

  • Planning Permissions - A consent given by the Local Planning Authority to carry out development

  • Tree Preservation Orders - This Order makes it an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or destroy a tree without the Planning Authority's consent

  • Conservation Areas - Areas of special architectural or historic interest. Special planning controls apply

  • Enforcement Notice - These relate to changes of use of land, or works which have been carried out without planning permission, or to non compliance with a planning permission

  • Housing Grants - Grants for works to repair or improve residential property impose conditions on rents and resale within 5 years

  • Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) - Areas of special interest that are protected against damage under Section 28 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

Water Company Searches

Daventry District is served by three Water Companies: Anglian, Severn Trent and Thames.  A Water Company search  including sewers and drainage are conducted by the below Water Companies.  Please note - the water company will levy a separate charge for this service.


The parishes covered by each company are:

  • Severn Trent Water
    Barby, Braunston, Catesby, Clay Coton, Crick, Elkington, Hellidon, Kilsby, Lilbourne, Naseby, Staverton, Sulby, Welford, Winwick, Yelvertoft

  • Thames Water
    Byfield, Canons Ashby, Charwelton, Woodford Halse

  • Anglian Water
    Anglian Water cover the other parishes within the district that are not listed above


Local Land Charges

West Northants Council

Lodge Road



NN11 4FP