Pollution Control

Pollution control

The Environmental Improvement Team are responsible for regulating many forms of pollution across Daventry District.

If you wish to report a noise, smoke, odour or light complaint please use the online location reporting form.


- Air Quality - we have a duty to monitor review and assess levels of certain mainly traffic related pollutants


Pollution from Industry - we have a duty to regulate industrial processes that pollute the air


- Contaminated Land- we are responsible for identifying and controlling contaminated land


- Drainage- we are responsible for ensuring that drains are effective in the discharge of waste


- Light Pollution- we investigate complaints about excessive light


- Noise Pollution- we have a duty to investigate noise complaints


- Odour Pollution- we investigate complaints about nuisance arising from odours


Smoke Pollution- we respond to complaints about bonfiresand enforce clean air act legislation in business premises


- Water Safety- we monitor the safety of water used in swimming pools, spas, ect, and we are responsible for ensuring that the 100 plus private water supplies  across the district are of good quality


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