Pest Control

In response to rising numbers of rodent complaints Daventry District Council has re-introduced a pest control service dealing with rats and mice in both domestic and commercial premises.  Initially the service will focus on rodent complaints but will expand to cover other forms of pests if the demand is significant.


Pest Control in Homes

We offer a quality service for homes and aim to respond to all pest control requests within 5 working days.  To arrange a treatment simply contact us using your preferred method via the link below.   The charge for a full treatment is £71.90 which includes an initial survey visit and two revisits.  Where further visits are needed there is a charge of £26.80 per visit.  Payment must be made before a treatment commences; if it can be established at the first visit that treatment is not required, we will refund the fee minus a charge of £26.80 for the initial visit.  Please note these charges include VAT and baiting costs.


Commercial Pest Control

You can enter into an annual contract or alternatively use one-off treatments.


Annual Contracts

If you would like to arrange an annual contract our pest control officer will visit you to survey your premises and assess the need for, and the extent of, treatment required.  The contract price is based upon the size of the premises and the number of baiting points that are needed.   The annual charge will be based upon an hourly rate of £71.90 which includes VAT and baiting costs.


Individual One-off Treatments

Where there is a specific problem to treat, we offer one-off pest control visits.  Charging for these is based on an hourly rate of £71.90 which includes VAT and the cost of baiting.  However, if we need to visit regularly, it is more cost effective to have an annual contract.   


Other Pests

Although the service will initially deal only with rodents, the Council will also provide information and advice on the control of other pests and where resources allow, will treat for wasps, bedbugs, cockroaches and fleas.  Please note all treatments for domestic properties will be charged at the rates provided above.


If you are looking for straightforward advice on controlling pests please visit the British Pest Control Association website.


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