Complaining About Your Employer / Someone Else At Work

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 gives Health and Safety Inspectors (whether HSE or Council Inspectors) considerable powers to investigate complaints and accidents at work.


Since 2011, we have reduced the amount of proactive inspections we carry out to low risk premises, as the Government has required us to do.  This means that complaints and intelligence about poorly performing employers is more important to us than ever.


In the first instance we prefer it if you discuss any issues with your employer, Trades Union representative or workplace representative.  In most instances this should address the issue.   However, if you are very concerned and have already tried to resolve issues but seem to be getting nowhere, then please contact us and we may look into the issue.

We always act in confidence, and will never divulge the name of a complainant.

If you see someone working in the street, or near where you live, or when you are out shopping and think something you saw was really dangerous, please give us a call or email us. Any information you can jot down (such as a registration number for a van) will help.