Sunday Trading

Sunday Trading 

What implications does the Sunday Trading Act 1994 have on my business?

This Act was introduced to replace the outdated and complicated restrictions on Sunday Trading contained within the Shops Act 1950.   

The Sunday Trading Act permits all retail shops to open on a Sunday, however ‘large shops’ have their opening hours restricted to a continuous period of 6 hours between the hours of 10.00 am and 6.00 pm.

What is a large shop ?

A large shop is one that has an internal retail sales area exceeding 280 square metres. This can be judged generally by comparing with the size of a tennis court. 

Do I need to register ?

No. There is no longer a requirement for a premises to register its Sunday trading hours. 

What next?

You must display, in a conspicuous position both inside and outside the shop the permitted opening hours. 


The following 'Large' shops may open at any time: 
◾ Farm Shops 
◾ Shops selling mainly intoxicating liquor 
◾ Cycle supplies and accessories 
◾ Motor supplies and accessories 
◾ A registered pharmacy selling only medicinal products and medical and surgical supplies 
◾ Airport shops 
◾ Petrol Filling stations 
◾ Exhibition stands 

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, all 'large' shops except those listed above must close on Easter Sunday & Christmas Day where this falls on a Sunday.