House to House Collection Permits

 House to House Collection Permits 

Why do I need a permit?

You need a street collection permit to carry out house to house collections for charitable purposes in the area of Daventry District Council.

This is a requirement of the House to House Collection Act 1939.

How do I obtain a permit? 

Applications must be made by completing an application form and giving at least one months’ notice before the date of the collection.

You can make your application online to:

  • apply to run a charitable collection at .GOV.UK website; and 

  • notify Daventry District Council of the results of your charitable collection at .GOV.UK website.

Or you can do this by post:

Private companies and individuals associated house to house charitable collection bags are required to ensure that their collection bags are compliant with latest guidance from the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) (EH10). In essence, commercial participants are required to communicate their name and company status on both sides of the bag. In addition to this, if the bag features a charity's name, it must not be given greater prominence than the name of the company undertaking the collection. This means that the company name must be of equal or greater prominence compared to the charity name.

Applicants are advised to refer to the CAP's website prior to submitting an application.

As part of the application process Daventry District Council may ask to see an example of the bags being used for the collection and, if they are deemed to be non-compliant with the guidance, the collection will not be authorised. 


There is no application fee.

Application process 

You must apply 20 working days before you plan to start collecting.

Does tacit consent apply if I do not hear anything after 28 days? 

Yes, as long as your application was complete, correctly served and we are not waiting for you to send us further information. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us within 28 days of a full application being submitted.

Permitted Activity and Permit Holder Complaints 

Should you wish to complain about a permitted activity or permit holder within the area of Daventry District Council, click on this link for contact details.

Service Complaints, Appeals, Failed Application Redress, Other Redress and Local Government Ombudsman

If you think we have done something wrong or are aggrieved by a decision made by Daventry District Council, please click on this link to see the options available to you.