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Camping and Caravan Sites / Mobile Home Licensing

Why do I need a licence? 

The Caravan Site and Control of Development Act 1960 applies to mobile home, caravan or camping sites.

To run a mobile home, caravan or camping site you need a licence from Daventry District Council.

If you have recently become a site occupier an existing licence may be transferable to you but the law requires Daventry District Council to give consent to the transfer.

To apply for a licence the applicant must:

  • be entitled to use the land as a caravan or mobile home site, and 

  • not had a site licence revoked within three years of the current application.

How do I obtain a licence?

You will need to complete an application form and submit with that application plans of the site, based on a 1:500 scale, with all amenities shown.

You can apply for a licence:


In accordance with provisions of the Mobile Homes Act 2013 Daventry District Council charge fees for relevant permanent residential sites and fees are applicable for:

  • an application for a site licence;  

  • a transfer or amendment or of an existing licence;

  • depositing site rules; and

  • annual fees.  

There are currently no fees for caravans defined as static holiday or touring or for a camping site licence.

Details of all of our fees are published in our Mobile Homes Fees Policy (EH4).

A list of current licence fees can be found here – Fees (EH100).

The application fee should be paid at the time of your application – click here for your payment options.

Application process

Applications must be made on the prescribed forms and be accompanied by all relevant documents. The application fee must be paid at the time of your application.

Will tacit consent apply if I do not hear anything within 28 days?

No. We must process your application and notify you that a licence / permit has been granted. If you have not heard from us within a reasonable period, please contact us via email or phone. 

Licensed Activity and Licence Holder Complaints

Should you wish to complain about a licensed activity or licence holder within the area of Daventry District Council, click on this link for contact details.

Service Complaints, Appeals, Failed Application Redress, Other Redress and Local Government Ombudsman

If you think we have done something wrong or are aggrieved by a decision made by Daventry District Council, please click on this link to see the options available to you.