Unlawful Eviction and Harassment of Tenants

Unlawful Eviction


Tenants are entitled to occupy a home in peace and comfort. It could be considered as harassment where this is interfered with. Some examples of harassment could include the restriction of essential utilities e.g. water, energy, or entering your home without prior notice and/or permission.


An unlawful or illegal eviction takes place when a landlord does not follow the correct legal process and makes a tenant leave their home. Landlords must follow a strict legal procedure in order to take back possession of their property, which includes giving notice. The notice period would depend on the type of tenancy.

Examples of illegal evictions can include instances:

  • where locks have been changed whilst the tenant is out

  • where the landlord threatens or uses violence

  • where the landlord makes the tenant leave without first following the correct legal procedure


West Northamptonshire Council is responsible for dealing with the harassment of tenants and their unlawful eviction. As unlawful evictions usually happen outside of usual office hours, the Police also have responsibilities to assist in these instances.


There is free advice available through the Shelter website.


The Protection From Eviction Act 1977 explains the law that relates to the above. 


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