Housing disrepair

Housing disrepair


Should your issue relate to utilities i.e. gas, electric or water, you should contact your supplier.


Where deficiencies are found within a property, the Council has powers to take the necessary action in order to resolve the issue. Before making a complaint to the Council of this effect, it is important that the below steps are followed first:

1. Make contact with your landlord or managing agent: 

  • The best way to do this is in writing, however, if urgent it would be best to call straight away, then follow this up in writing

  • Detail what is faulty or requires repair. To assist you with this process you may complete a Housing Disrepair Form

  • Provide a covering letter to send together with your Housing Disrepair Form and keep a copy 

  • Provide details of when the best time is for your landlord or managing agent to be able to access the property

2. Allow time for repairs to be completed or responded to, and if they have not been addressed within a reasonable timeframe of your landlord/agent having receipt of your correspondence, you can follow up with a complaint to the Council who will then arrange an inspection pf the property under the Housing Act 2004. You will need to supply a copy of the disrepair form and a covering letter. A reasonable timeframe would usually be 14 days however this is dependent on the type of repair.


A landlord is legally obliged to ensure that all such accommodation meets legal minimum requirements. The Council has certain powers of enforcement which can require or advise the owners of properties to bring them up to a decent standard of repair for the occupants living in them. The Council can:

  •  Require owners to renovate substantial disrepair or enforce the closure of properties that are dangerous or unfit for human habitation

  • Require landlords of social or privately rented properties to carry out repairs where conditions cause problems to occupying tenants

  • Recover from landlords the costs of taking certain enforcement action to address contraventions relating to housing conditions under the Housing Act 2004. Recoverable as an hourly charge, Fees and Charges .


The landlord has the right to come into your home to check what needs repairing, but they must give at least 24 hours' notice, and must come at an agreed time - as quickly as possible if it is an emergency.


Occupiers have a duty to ensure that the landlord/agent can effectively carry out their duties.


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