Housing Conditions

Housing conditions in the social and private rented sector


The Environmental Improvement Team is responsible for a range of issues relating to housing conditions within the social and private rented sector. The Environmental Improvement Team support and assist landlords, agents and tenants, encouraging responsible renting and decent standards, to help promote a positive image of privately renting and support good practice. A key part of our work is to inspect properties to assess whether they provide healthy and safe homes. We provide information and advice on a number of different subjects. Listed below are the main areas covered by the Environmental Improvement Team in relation to housing conditions:


1)     Housing Disrepair

2)     Damp and Mould

3)     Houses in Multiple Occupation and mandatory licensing

4)     Private Landlords

5)     Immigration Property Suitability Inspections

6)     Unlawful eviction and harassment of tenants


If you wish to speak in confidence to an officer regarding the condition of your property please get in touch by using the Contact us details below, and provide the nature of your enquiry so that an officer can contact you.


Housing related

For information regarding the Council's Home Choice Scheme, Homelessness, Housing Benefit, Home Repairs Assistance and Disabled Facilities Grants, please visit the Housing home page.


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