Food Safety Complaints

Complaining about  food and/or  food premises

All food businesses must be maintained in a clean condition and provide safe food.


If you are not satisfied with the food that you have been served/sold or the premises are unhygienic,  and you feel that there may be a food hygiene problem at the food business you should complain to the Manager of the business.


If you are not satisfied with the response from the Manager, you should contact us to make a complaint about the business.


We will not divulge your details to the business unless you tell us that we can and we will deal with any food hygiene related problems that we find at the business.


If you find an object in food, or have suspicions that the food may be contaminated, you should take the food away with you, keep it refrigerated or frozen and then bring the object to us at Lodge Road, Daventry. We will accept the food, investigate the complaint and take any action that is necessary against the food business.