Litter Enforcement

Litter enforcement

Littering is a criminal offence for which you can be fined up to £2,500. If you are caught littering in Daventry District you could also receive a fixed penalty notice and be fined £150. 

Littering from a vehicle is also an offence and the registered keeper will be liable for payment of a fixed penalty notice of £150. In the case of littering from a vehicle, failure to pay a civil fine will result in court proceedings.

  • The offence is committed under Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
  • Litter can be anything, crisp packets, cigarette ends, a piece of chewing gum, dog waste, which has been dropped on our streets. It is careless activity from people who do not use the litter, cigarette and dog waste bins provided.
  • There is no need to drop litter.  Either place your litter in a bin, or take it home with you.  There are 750 litter bins throughout the district.
  • There is no need to fail to pick up and dispose of your dogs' waste, as there are approximately 250 dog waste bins located throughout the district. If you cannot find a nearby dog waste bin, bagged dog waste can be put in a litter bin or taken home.  
  • Litter is unsightly and is associated with crime and anti-social behaviour and can lead to areas being perceived as neglected which can discourage people from visiting the area.
  • Litter attracts vermin such as rats and other disease carrying pests which can cause hazards for human health.
  • People who throw litter, fail to pick up dog waste or drivers/passengers who throw litter from vehicles can be prosecuted. Officers from the Council regularly patrol the district and will act if offences are observed.   Vehicle registration details are taken and the authorities can trace the owner through the DVLA. 
  • Fly-tipping– being potentially more serious and hazardous than littering is an offence under the waste legislation. On conviction the fine is up to £50,000 or twelve months imprisonment or both.
  • Every day RSPCA inspectors rescue pet and wild animals trapped or hurt by litter.
  • Over 30 million tonnes of litter are collected from our streets every year - and it is estimated that it costs council tax payers £780 million a year to keep the streets of England clean. 



How do I report a littering offence? 

Please report littering directly to the Council by visiting the online section. 

You can also download and print an environmental crime reporting booklet to record littering details


How else can I help?

More and more communities are taking part in volunteer litter-picks with support from the Council. Find out more here


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