Organise your own community litter pick

Support on offer for clean-up events

The Council offers a range of support to communities planning clean-up events. 

We will:

  • Provide litter picking kits including: litter pickers, high-vis tabards, heavy-duty gloves, and litter bags with loops to assist litter picking
  • Provide forms to assist with risk assessment, insurance and  health and safety guidance
  • Arrange for any rubbish collected to be picked up and disposed of by our waste and recycling contractor

Phone 0300 126 7000 to reserve litter-picking equipment and find out more.

Follow our how-to guide

Organising a litter-picking event in your community? Just follow our check-list to find out how:

Think of a grot-spot: It could be a village green, your local park or another public area. Please just make sure you have legal access to the site. 

Contact us for support:  We can supply litter-picking kits on a first-come, first served basis and provide you with a risk assessment. Phone 0300 126 7000 to reserve the kit. 

Have fun on the day: Litter-picks can be a great way to get to know other members of your community. Inform and instruct volunteers before you start and make sure everyone is aware of the health and safety risks identified in the risk assessment

Bag it and leave it: If you've followed step 2 you will have agreed with us a suitable location to leave the rubbish you collect so it can be picked up by our waste and recycling contractor. Simply leave it there in a neat pile and it will be taken away and disposed of. 

Share your success: If you held a community litter-pick, please take pictures and share it with us so we can help spread word of your success. You can tweet us  or like our Facebook page or email

Additional information for litter pickers

As a voluntary litter picker utilising kit provided by the Council, your wellbeing is important and you must understand that while you are litter picking you are doing this at your own risk and are not covered as an employee of the Council and therefore, are not covered under its insurance.


About risk assessments
If you would like to arrange a Community Clean Up, we advise that you carry out a risk assessment. To help with this we provide this  Risk Assessment Form 

Please also read the Litter Picking Guidance Note and the Health and Safety Checklist which highlights safety information to help you and your group whilst litter picking.


Volunteers should not participate in litter picks unless they understand and accept that participation is entirely at their own risk. Volunteers are not working for, or on behalf of Daventry District Council and therefore the Council cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury caused as a result of the actions and omissions of volunteers.

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