Clean Up My Community Campaign

Daventry District Council’s Clean up My Community Campaign involves a wide range of initiatives aimed at tackling environmental crimes such as littering, dog fouling and fly-tipping.


Clean for Queen Grange

Ways to get involved

Become a more active volunteer - contact our Clean Green Coordinator

Angeline Farrant is our newly appointed Clean Green Coordinator. She has been tasked with developing a network of volunteers across Daventry District who will encourage and support volunteer action to keep our parks and open green spaces clean and green. Find out more about this new initiative here. 

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Be a volunteer litter picker or organise a community litter pick

Find out how to access your voluntary litter picking kit from the Council, along with advice and information to support your activity


Report dog fouling

If you witness someone letting their dog foul without cleaning it up afterwards in a public place, please report this to us.  Find out more about dog fouling and the type of information you should report


Look out for litter bugs

If you see someone dropping litter, please report it to us using our  online form, or if you are using a mobile or tablet device, via the  mobile web app.


You can also download and print an environmental crime reporting booklet to record littering details


Other work to tackle environmental crime

Find out further information on how the Council is tackling environmental crimes to ensure Daventry District remains a clean, green and safe environment. 

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