Abandoned Vehicles

ELVIS - End of Life Vehicle Impound Scheme  

  • Have you seen an abandoned vehicle recently?

  • Are you tired of burnt-out cars creating an eyesore?

  • Is there an abandoned or nuisance vehicle outside your house?  


How do you report an abandoned vehicle?


  • Call ELVIS on 08456 121 999
  • Send an email to elvis.recovery@northants.police.uk  Please supply the registration number, type and condition of the abandoned car, and its location.

The ELVIS team will inspect abandoned and nuisance cars within 24 hours of notification, and remove them within 48 hours if appropriate.  Thanks to ELVIS, all you need to do to clear the streets of these hazards is provide details of the registration number, type and condition of the abandoned car and its location. ELVIS will do the rest. You do not need to even give your name or address so your call will be in complete confidence.

10 Ways to Spot an Abandoned Vehicle

  1. Does it look vandalised and / or fire damaged?
  2. Does it look unused and in poor condition?
  3. Has it been there for over a week?
  4. Is there a valid tax disc?
  5. Are the wheels or petrol cap missing?
  6. Have parts been removed or damaged? (e.g. broken windows or flat tyres)
  7. Has it been parked or abandoned in an isolated or unusual location?
  8. Is it a known area for abandoned vehicles?
  9. Have you seen anybody use it or act suspiciously around it?
  10. Is it full of rubbish / hazardous material/ combustibles?


Through ELVIS you can also arrange for your own vehicles to be removed and destroyed.

You must be the current registered keeper of the vehicle in order to authorise a vehicle to be removed and destroyed. ELVIS will collect and remove the vehicle free of charge, although due to the increased land fill charges a small charge will be made for caravans.

All paperwork and payments must be received before collection of the vehicle can take place. Please inform them if you require notification of when the vehicle is to be removed, in this case also supply them with your telephone number so that they can contact you with a removal date.


Why is this happening in our District?

The abandonment of motor vehicles is an increasing problem nationally. It is largely caused by stricter MOT standards and low resale value of vehicles. In some cases, vehicles that have been reported to the Council as abandoned may not be removed.


There could be a number of reasons for this:


  • If a vehicle has no tax, but is on private property (privately owned driveway) and is not being used the vehicle can be declared as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) by contacting the DVLA. The notices are issued free of charge, are valid for 12 month periods and once up must be renewed. However, if a vehicle has a SORN declaration, but it is not situated on private property the Council has the power to remove and scrap the vehicle, once the correct notices have been served. Heavy financial penalties may also be incurred for their incorrect use
  • It may be that the vehicle is displaying a valid current tax disc—the authority has no powers to remove or destroy vehicles if they are displaying a valid tax disc
  • The vehicle may have been removed from the reported location by other means (not by the Council) - often owners will remove vehicles once notices are served on them. At this stage the vehicle is no longer abandoned as the owner wishes to keep the vehicle and the Council then has no powers to remove the vehicle
  • The owner may come forward and report it as not abandoned; again in this case the Council no longer has powers to remove the vehicle
  • The Police require the vehicle for their investigation (as evidence)

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