Dog warden service fees and charges

Dog warden service fees and charges


Straying dogs


Charges made for seizures of stray dogs in accordance with the Council's duties under Section 149 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990:-


  • £30.90 admin charge (includes VAT) 

  • £25 statutory charge

  • £12 per day kenneling fees  (includes VAT) (this £12 fee includes part days)


So for instance (fee includes VAT):


1 day of kenneling plus charges = £67.20

2 days of kenneling plus charges = £79.20

3 days of kenneling plus charges = £91.20 etc


Micro-chipping of Dogs


Micro-chipping of a dog is undertaken for a charge of £25 (includes VAT)


The Micro-chipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2014


The offence of failing to comply with a notice requiring a owner to microchip a dog carries a fine of up to £2,500 on conviction in a Magistrates' Court


Public Spaces Protection Orders


If you fail to comply with a Public Spaces Protection Order the fixed penalty notice fine for all the following offences is £100.  This can be increased to a maximum of £1,000 on conviction, plus costs, in a Magistrates' Court


  • Not removing dog faeces

  • Not putting and keeping a dog on a lead when requested to do so by an authorised officer

  • Allowing a dog into a fenced/enclosed children's playground which is designated a dog exclusion area

  • Not having the means to pick up after your dog

  • Not keeping your dog on a lead in the designated area by the café in Daventry Country Park


Control of Dogs Order


This Order requires owners of dogs to provide collar identification and address - the maximum fine on court conviction under a Control of Dogs Order is £5,000 plus costs


Anti-social Behavior, Crime and Policing Act 2014


If a Community Protection Notice is breached, by for instance failing to muzzle a dog when required to do so, this carries a fixed penalty of £100 or a fine of up to £2500 on conviction in a Magistrates' Court.


Noise Abatement Order


The maximum fine on court conviction for not complying with a Noise Abatement Order, by for instance allowing your dog to bark to the extent that it unreasonable disturbs your neighbours, is £5,000 plus costs.  For businesses the maximum fine is £20,000. 


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