Enforcement Agents

Before instructing a enforcement agent to collect a debt, Daventry District Council will write to you asking you to contact them to arrange payment in full. If you cannot pay the sum in full the Council may accept payment by installments.


If the Council does not receive payment in full, or if a suitable payment arrangement is not agreed, the Council will instruct one of its enforcement agents to visit to remove goods and possessions to the value of the debt.


Daventry District Council employs national firms of accredited enforcement agents who are authorised to act on its behalf to collect both Council Tax and Business Rates following the issue of a Liability Order.


Our enforcement agents are:


Any enforcement agent visiting your property on behalf of Daventry District Council will:


  • Carry official identification at all times
  • Carry written authorisation to act on behalf of the Council
  • Issue an official receipt for cash payments, and for other payments on request.


Find out what time an Enforcement Agent can visit and what fees they will charge 


*Please note - if your account is with an enforcement agent you must make payments to them direct*