Bailiff action

The Council can instruct a Certificated Bailiff to remove items belonging to you/your company and sell them. This is known as levying distress and can be done:


  • By any Certificated Bailiff (this is a person who is approved by the court)
  • At any time of the day
  • Anywhere in England and Wales

When bailiffs are in a property they can take goods with a value of the amount of debt owed to the Council. They will also add fees which will increase your debt.   


Walking possession

This is an agreement signed by the debtor that allows the goods to remain in the property providing an agreement is made to pay or until the goods can be removed. If the debtor does not keep up with the payment arrangement the bailiff will return and remove the goods.


Close possession

The bailiff stays with the goods until payment is made, or until the goods can be removed.


Seizure of goods

The bailiff removes goods from the property. Only goods belonging to the person/company named on the Liability Order can  be removed. A bailiff cannot remove certain goods. These include:


  • Food, clothing
  • Livestock


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